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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Free Exercise Tips: Learn Do's and Dont's Of Exercising!

Just working out is not enough. One has to be careful while exercising. There are some common mistakes that can easily be avoided. Here are a few of these common mistakes that most people make.

Some Do's and Dont's while Exercising.

Not Stretching
It is very important that you stretch your body, both before and after exercising.Get someone to show you how to warm up and stretch properly. A goo trainer is sine qua non while exercising. Work on all the big muscle groups.

Remember that your body needs to build its strength. You might start out with the best intentions and spend 40 minutes on the step machine. But the next day you wont be able to work out. If you are out of shape, increase the time of your workout or weights you lift by 10 per cent per week. No more than that.

Another common miss-step is to lift weights that are too heavy. Your back is a good indicator for this. If you feel it hurting, you need to try out with lower weights. So, next time, try out weights that suit you.

Over speeding
Eliminate momentum from your reps by trying some agonizing slowness. Try going up for two counts down for four.

Also take rest of around 1.5 to 2 minutes between sets to give your body some rest.

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Your body needs water. Carry a bottle with you and drink constantly. It will help your lose weight. Don't worry too much about high tech sports drink. A pinch of salt in the water bottle and a banana before the workout will do the job just as well.

Random Tip: It is the quality that matters not the quantity.

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